Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Christmas Wish List

HOLD THE PHONE!?! IS IT REALLY YOU??! ARE YOU ACTUALLY WRITING A BLOG POST?!!? Yes, yes I am. Well, a wish list. I wanted to collate my wish list all in one place, and this seems like a good place to do it. 

Quick run down of what has been happening in my life - working, growing a tiny human, working, sleeping. That's about my life right now. And, you'll see almost all of my wish list is stuff for growing tiny human. I'm sure this list will grow in 4 weeks when we find out the sex. 

Via Lil Spaces
How adorable are these cloud lights??!?! They are so perfect for a nursery!!

Via Made By Claire Louise

And if you are going to have cloud lights, you need a cloud garland, right?!!

Via All Posters

All dinosaur everything. I love these wall decals. 

Via Muddy Puddle Prints

This is just too cute. 

Via Rainbow Smile Shop

Hey, I said all dinosaur everything! I love this mobile!

Via Mono Faces

Too cute!!

Via eBay

I want this dino ball pit for me!! Also, I feel like Kransky would really enjoy this too. 

Via Eco Toys

Cutest little T-Rex teething toy. 

Via Baby Bunting

I fell in love with this Phil & Teds high chair as soon as I saw it. And now I want it. 

Via Baby Bunting

I really like the idea of a video monitor. And this one gets good reviews!

There is so much stuff we need. And so much more stuff I could have added to this list, but these are the things I have been lusting over since even before I was pregnant, so they made the list.