Friday, 29 November 2013

The Chocolate Ninja Giveaway

So, if you read Tuesday's guest post (if not, you can read it here) you'll have seen that I'm giving away a box of Rachaels yummy handmade chocolates. 

The competition is open till Wednesday the 4th, and I'll announce the winner on Thursday 5th. 

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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Ok, how is it possibly Thursday again already? And how is it almost December. Where did November go?? I'm so excited for the Black Friday sales. So excited. 

Via Simply Be

I don't know what it is about this lemon dress, but I am so in love with it. I am contemplating buying it when I can get 40% off, but I just don't know if the colours would suit me. But I love it. LOVE IT.

Via Forever21

Via Forever21

I know these 2 dresses are virtually the same, but it's hard to decide between leather or sequins. I love them both, but really can't justify 2 more black dresses in my wardrobe. I think I would get more wear out of the leather one, but sequins.

Via Forever21

I am having a love affair with wedges at the moment, and love these babies. But, I just don't know if they'd be wide enough for my feet. Gorgeous though. 

I love this iPad cover. But it doesn't specify which size iPad it's for. It's super cute though. 

And speaking of cute things, I spent far too much time looking at cute things on Buzzfeed yesterday. These Bunnies, These Bunnies, and These best friends

That's all for today, don't forget my Chocolate Ninja comp tomorrow!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Today's post is an entry to win $2000 towards my next adventure, which will hopefully be taking Jesse away next year (he doesn't even have a passport!!). 

Adventure, to me, means trying new things. For me, that would be eating everything I can possibly eat. I love being at food markets, seeing, smelling, touching and trying everything I can get my hands on. Experiencing new flavours and foods. But, I also love sightseeing, walking all day, exploring a new city, taking in galleries, museums, must see places. And, no adventure is complete without a trip to the local zoo! It's seeing and doing things that you can't experience in your own city, it's breaking up the routine, it's falling in love with new and exciting places. It's having wild stories to tell your family and friends when you get home (like the time I got stuck up in a mountain top hotel in Switzerland, or the time we nearly missed a train out of Paris) But, mainly, adventure is getting out there and seeing new places, trying new things, and most of all, having a load of fun. It's the fond memories and stories that you'll always have with you, the things that you remember fondly, the adventures you never forget. 

I would like to invite any other bloggers who want to enter, to do so! It's an awesome competition. You can find the details here 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Guest Post - The Chocolate Ninja

Rachael from Not Actually A Ninja is back this month to talk about her amazing handmade chocolates. She has also sent me a box to give away, so look out for that coming later this week!

Hi guys :)
Back again to talk a little about my wee hobby-making chocolates!
That's right, when I'm not doing anything else, I take over the kitchen and make batches of yummy chocolates to give away and sell.
The name of the company is called The Chocolate Ninja...coz well Ninja's are my thing :D

How did I get into making chocolates??
Well it all started in 1873...kidding!! I'm not even close to being that old.
It actually started with a friend and I making these cool looking Octopus Chocolates for her birthday and I thought, well I already make cupcakes, maybe I can try my hand at doing some more chocolates. And I did-I got my first Space Invaders mould and went from there. Now I give away boxes of them for my website and am selling them, hopefully at markets soon!

I love deciding on colors, flavors, what's going into them, how to package them up-everything about it really. Taste testing is just another great part about it. The cleaning down the kitchen is the boring part but it has to be done, otherwise I'm likely to get shot by whoever uses the kitchen next haha.

I also spend a large chunk of money on buying new moulds and the bottles of specialty oil flavorings, which can add up pretty quickly if I'm not too careful.

And luckily-you can try my chocolates for yourself! Lucy will give out more details on how you can win a box/bag of these sweet treats for yourself.

Make sure you come say hello to me on facebook-the first 6 people to order for AFTER Christmas will receive a discount code to use on their order.
(The reason for after Christmas orders is the NZ cutoff date to send parcels is 18th Nov,so if you do want anything before then,it may not arrive in time and I would hate for that to happen)

Ninja out :)

Monday, 25 November 2013

Aussie Curves - Yellow

I literally have 2 pieces of yellow clothing in my wardrobe. And I used the other one for the last yellow challenge!

I nabbed this dress from Sarah (Fatshioning It Up) at our clothes swap. It's not something I would normally go for, but I actually really like the way it looks.

Also, I was super frustrated and rushed when taking this photos. 

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Things I Love Thursday

After posting my Christmas list last week, I haven't really been window shopping. I've been Christmas shopping! I haven been soooo good about not buying things for myself this month. Saving it all for the sales. But, I did spend a bit of time on Mod Cloth this morning....

Via Mod Cloth

How can I not love and want this lead for Kransky. It's hilarious. I might have to get it for him for Christmas.

Via Mod Cloth

I'm moving my office home next year, and I'm already looking for things to put in it. I think this T-Rex head is a must. 

Via Mod Cloth

This is the cutest jumper ever. EVER! I wish it wasn't summer here, then I would be all over it.

Via Mod Cloth

This puppy dress is so cute! There is totally a little Dachshund face in there.

Via Mod Cloth

I love the colours in this dress. I want to wear it on a picnic. 

Via Forever21+

The absolute last thing I need is another black dress, but I just love this one. It's so different. 

Via Forever21+

I love this gold skirt! I already have an outfit in my head with this!

Via Forever21+

 This is definitely  coming to my house in my next F21+ order. I love it. 

Also, I have finally made the decision to have a MASSIVE closet clean out. Doing Shop What You Got has really made me want to get rid of things I hardly wear, or I don't love a 9 or a 10 (Thanks Alex for this system!) so look out for that in the next few days. 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Shop What You Got Week 2 Round-up

I'm seriously contemplating a wardrobe cull. This challenge has really made me wonder if I need everything I have in my wardrobe. 

Day 12 - Forever21+ top, City Chic Skirt & Jelly Beans

Day 13 - ASOS Crop top & Kmart Maxi skirt

Day 14 - Simply Be dress & Jelly Beans

Day 15 - City Chic dress, Jelly Beans shoes & Kransky

Day 18 - Best & Less dress
If I have skipped a day, that means I either didn't get dressed, or got dressed only in workout clothes.

I know I have missed a few days too, that's because I wore the same outfit, and I didn't want to bombard you with photos of the same things. 

Monday, 18 November 2013

Aussie Curves - Black & White

 We all know how much I love black and white, right? It was a little bit harder this round, because I had to chose from my Shop What You Got list, but luckily, I put the perfect outfit on there. 

I only started getting into shorts at the very end of last summer, so I have been on the lookout for cool ones for this summer. When I saw this romper, I knew I had to have it

This one is a little big around the arms, but I don't really care. I love the way it sits and looks on me. I also want many, many more! (It was my first order from Forever21 and I wasn't sure of the sizing, now I know, I want more things!)

Romper - Forever21+
Shoes - Jelly Beans

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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Christmas Wish List

It's here, it's here, it's here! If you've been a reader for a while, you'll know that I absolutely adore Christmas. It's my favourite time of year. All year I look forward to it. I start buying my gifts in November (consequently I am almost finished with this years shopping!), and usually have them all wrapped and under the tree by December 1st. But, I also love putting together my wish list. Some things that are outrageous, and others that I just like. So, here is this years!

Shorts via Modcloth size 3X

Dress Via City Chic Size M

Dress Via City Chic size M

Dress Via City Chic size M

Dress Via New Look size 20

Dress Via Inspired Insanity size 3X

Gothic Glamour shirt Via Harlow size 18

Sequin bomber jacket Via Harlow size 18

Star Trek skirt Via Ali Buttons

Dress Via ASOS Curve size 22

Dress Via ASOS Curve size 20 (currently on sale!)

Dress Via ASOS Curve size 20

Bikini Via ASOS Curve size 20. Top and bottom sold separately

Leggings Via Domino Dollhouse size 1X

Wedges Via Torrid size 7

Sandals Via Homyped size 6.5

Bag Via ASOS

iPhone camera lens Via Photojojo

Instant photo lab via Photojojo

Sony smart lens via Photojojo

iPhone 5c in pink via Apple

Butter dish via Lark

Ice cream bowls via Lark

Make your own banner via Lark

Cheese wheel print via Lark

Dachshund duvet cover via Deny Designs

I also want a Perth Zoo membership, a hot air balloon ride and to snorkel with the sharks

Also, I'm ready for my new tattoo, so funds for that will also be appreciated!

So that's my list. Pretty rad, huh?