Friday, 28 February 2014

What I Wore - Asian Inspired & Summer Scarf

This is my very last Summer Style post! I managed to complete them all!! I honestly didn't think I would. 

This one is a bit of fun, I decided to take the Asian inspired on a different route, and went with Kawaii. 

I did actually wear this outfit the other week. Minus the head scarf and the belt! 

Can I gush about this skirt for a moment. If you read my post yesterday I mentioned that Hope makes awesome skirts. Well, this is one of them. She custom made it to my size. It was quick to be made, and posted. The work is impeccable. Seriously, check out her shop in the link below!

Earrings - Ebay
Necklace - Markets
Top - City Chic
Belt - Kmart
Rings - Lovisa
Shoes - Target

So, that's the last of my Summer Style posts. We are starting a new challenge in March - Double take month!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Things I Love Thursday - Birthday Edition

In about 8 weeks I'm turning 30. I'm actually really excited about it. I feel I've done quite a lot in my life up to this point, that I'm proud of. Travelling, owning my own home, finding the love of my life, just to name a few. I've been working on the '30 by 30' list for nearly 14 months, and while I'm not going to complete everything on there in the next 8 weeks, I'm feeling pretty OK about that. Life happens. They'll become a 'Bucket List' and I can add on to it and it will grow and change and evolve. Just like it should. 

But, this isn't an Honest to Blog post (although I have one of those brewing!) this is a Things I Love Thursday post. And it's my birthday wish list. 

A trip to London. This is pretty much my top priority at the moment. Jesse needs to meet my family over there. I haven't been back for nearly 8 years. 

Via Kogan

I need a new blender. So I figure I might as well get this! I want it to chop all the things! And blend all the things!

Via Kogan

My phone is slowly on the way out. I was this pretty pink one!

Via Plantcycled

I know I've shared these on there before, but I LOVE them! LOVE!

Via Miniblings

This cute little Kransky necklace would be the perfect edition to my accessories!


I think these shoes are really ugly...but I am super drawn to them at the same time. 

Via City Chic size M

This jacket from City Chic. Urgh it's perfect. 

Via Smashing Skirts
Hope makes the best skirts! And I love this material she has available at the moment. I must have it!

Now, it appears I've developed a Hell Bunny obsession. I've just bought my 4th Hell Bunny dress, and I some how made a list of the dresses I want. That is added to daily. These are my current must haves. Some of them are super rare. I'm a 2XL, but will take a 3XL given the rarity of some of these dresses.

Via JBR Clothing
The Adelaide dress in Pink

Via Ripleys Clothing
The Asuka dress

Via Ruff n Ready

The Arcadia dress

Via Brserk

The Motley Sailor dress. I actually might buy this one as my birthday dress. 

Via JBR Clothing

The Rock on Skirt. 

Via Eloquii

This dress isn't Hell Bunny - but I love it. The leather top and tulle bottom is right up my ally. 

I would seriously go to the Zoo every day if I could! A Zoo membership!

Hot Air Balloon ride!

Snorkel with the sharks at Aqwa. I kinda want someone to do this with me...

And then there is the usual marriage, babies, etc...

But actually, what I want for my birthday is to have a fun time with the people I love most in the world. To eat my favourite foods (ok, maybe not all of them, because, come on, everything is my favourite food) and to have a smile on my face the whole day. 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Life Lately - Picture Heavy Post

I've had a pretty exciting week! Nothing big, just lots of fun things!

Kransky pulling funny faces

All dressed up to go to Rockpool and see Rocky Horror

My amazing macaron ice cream sandwich

Mum had the Mille Feuille

Dad had some kind of chocolate mousse creation.

Mum used to go to midnight screenings of Rocky Horror dressed as Columbia

Thursday night and Friday night we had a visitor

Who likes walks too much to want to come inside

Saturday Alex from Jet Georgette came over and took me for frozen yoghurt, then tired to sell my dog on eBay

We had a Perth Curvettes dinner on Saturday night

Sunday we went to see Don Walker play at Fremantle Arts Centre. 

We played our own version of Trouble at the pub while waiting for dinner.

The smell of my cheese and vegemite toast was too much for Kransky

We went on an Adventure yesterday. Kransky was so excited

We went hiking through this national park. It was very hot, and we didn't last too long. I want to go back when the weather is cooler. It was so beautiful

We stopped off at the river for a cool down on the way home

'Wait for me, Dad!'

So, that's my week in pictures!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What I Wore - Favourite Summer Dress & Coral

WOW! This is my second last Summer Style post!! We've decided on the March challenge, which will be 5 different double take outfits! That's going to be heaps of fun. 

This is my favourite summer dress. I LOVE this dress. It's comfortable and so easy to wear. It was a Christmas present.

Whenever I wear this dress, I always manage to spill something stainy down the front! It's a family curse, I'm sure. 

I've posted about these shoes before. They are my Big W $8 bargain wedges. They are so comfortable. I really wish they came in all the colours! I'm also wearing my ridiculous horse necklace that Kate (Sparkles and Lace) found me on eBay. 

Dress - City Chic
Shoes - Big W
Necklace - eBay

Massive thanks to Alex (Jet Georgette) for taking this photos!!

Want to participate? use #perthcurvettes on instagram, or add your blog to the linky below!