Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Perth Aussie Curves Get Glammed Up

So last Friday Sarah from Fatshioning It Up decided we should do drinks the following night. In a flurry of facebook posts, we decided on Enrique's School For Bullfighting. Unfortunately 2 of our group couldn't make it, 1 was whisked off to Bali by her fiance for a surprise birthday present, and the other had birthday drinks elsewhere.

Enrique's is a really awesome pop up gin bar. They specialise in G&T's. So, you pick your gin, your tonic & your garnish. (They're only there till Feb, so if you wanna check it out, don't delay!) We put our name down for a table, then sat outside with some drinks and nibbles until our names were called.

In my opinion  these girls really brought their A-game. They look HOT! (I stole some of these images from the other girls!)

Sarah from Fatshioning It Up wearing Forever21+ dress

Alexandra from The Black Chiffon wearing Bellecurve. Just look at those legs would you!!

Me. Wearing City Chic top & Harlow Scuba skirt 

I was photobombed by this random woman. Twice.

Our name was called and we moved inside to eat some food. It was pretty rad. The jamon tuile with Parmesan ice cream was probably my favourite though.

It was a super fun night, with 2 super rad girls. Can't wait for our December event, when ALL the group will be there!

Seriously, so glad I met these girls.

If you haven't already checked out their blogs, do it now. 

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