Friday, 30 May 2014

Perth Curvettes Body Parts Challenge - Arms

I think it's pretty well document around this parts that I don't, and never have, disliked my arms. I even wrote a post a while ago about it, you can read that here. It's a pretty cool post. 

I realised at this photo that I wasn't wearing shoes. But then I though, fuck it, this is a post about my arms, so I kept going. 

I really do like my arms. I don't find them offencive at all. They are soft and round, but they are strong. And they give awesome hugs. 

I never once thought I shouldn't get tattooed on my arms because they're fat. The hold the majority of the tattoos on my body. 

Tunic - City Chic (old)
Leggings - ASOS Curve

So, there you have it! My arms!!

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Perth Curvettes Body Parts Challenge - Face

It felt strange to just take picture of my face. I'm so used to taking full body shots, it felt so weird to be to focus solely on my face. 

I quite like my face. I always have. I don't wear a lot of makeup. Only when I'm going out. The only thing I didn't used to like was my extra chin. But now I say 'YAY TO ALL THE CHINS!'. I like the roundness and fullness of my face. Apart from making me look younger than my years (which I'm sure I will appreciate more later in life) it also means that I don't have a lot of wrinkles. A few round the eyes and mouth. But they're good. They mean I've laughed and cried and generally experienced life. 

I have always really liked my eyes. They are super blue. They've seen lots of the world, read lots of books, and looked upon the faces of my loved ones. I see both my parents in my eyes. My nose is my Mum's. It's been pierced since I was 13. I have full, beautiful shaped lips, and I've always really liked them. They used to cause me hell when I was younger with cold sores, but not so much any more. My little brother and I went and got our lips pierced one night when I was 22 and he was 16. We didn't tell anyone and then sent a photo to our Mum afterwards. She's since gotten used to getting photos likes that. 

All in all I think I have a good face. It's a kind and gentle face. 

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Perth Curvettes Mexican Fiesta

So, I was meant to post this last week, but on Monday night I was struck down the the epic cold to end all colds. I am still recovering now. I had big plans to blog every day last week, and do heaps of outfit shots and Perth Curvettes body parts challenge, and it just didn't happen. And that's ok. That's life! Anyway...

So, as most of you are probably aware by now, me and a bunch of friends started an online community for Perth women called Perth Curvettes. We are all about embracing your body, and loving it, or learning too, and breaking out of your fashion box, etc. We like to hold get together every now and again for people to get to meet each other, and dress the fuck up. We decided on a Mexican place in the city for the last get together, and we had a great turn out!


Sarah from Fatshioning It Up rocking my Galaxy baby doll dress!

I was loving the mocktails!

Boobalicous! Marnie (Marnie Loves Breakfast), Katie (SpijkerKat's Closet) & Kate (Sparkles & Lace)

I decided to photobomb Alex & Danae's gorgeous photo

Alex (Jet Georgette) finally got to meet her doppelgänger and all round girl crush, Nadia (Throwing A Curveball)

Our 'Newbies' L-R - Danae, Nadia, Marnie, Kat & Michelle

Of course Alex had to use her famous photoboming skills

The Founders. L-R - Natalie, Kate, Katie, ME, Sarah, Alex

All of us!
It was such a great night! If you are from WA and want to join us, just search for Perth Curvettes on facebook, or follow the hashtag #perthcurvettes on Twitter and Instagram. 

The night ended with a white chocolate ice cream macaron sandwich with milk chocolate dipping sauce and a spanish iced coffee. Totally worth it.

Monday, 19 May 2014

What I Wore - Rock On

On Saturday night, we held another Perth Curvettes Community event (more on this another post!). Of course this meant looking fabulous! I chose to wear my brand new dress. I'd had it on layby for a while, and when I paid it off, I saved it for this event.

I was originally going to buy this print in just a skirt, but then decided I had to have the dress. I absolutely adore this style of dress, and wish they did more like this and less halter!

I threw on my black petticoat and my knock-off litas and I was ready to party!

Petticoat - Hell Bunny
Tights - Sonsee Woman
Shoes - eBay

I got heaps of compliments on this dress throughout the night, which is always a lovely thing!!

It was an absolute blast of a night. Look out for my post about it coming later in the week!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Things I Love Thursday - Shoe Edition (On a Friday)

I realised at 11.15pm last night, that it was Thursday, and I hadn't posted my things I love Thursday. So, I'm doing it a day late :)

I depressed window shopped the entirety of Mod Cloths shoe selection into my wish list last week, but I thought I would show you my absolute favourites.

Via Mod Cloth

The colour, the style, love so hard!

Via Mod Cloth

These are just crazy. But I can't help but think they're cool and want them on my feet!

Via Mod Cloth

Ice cream shoes are always a winner in my book. 

Via Mod Cloth

I love the colour of these. Not to mention the style. These are just too cute. 

Via Mod Cloth

It's bunny unicorns. Come on!!

Via Mod Cloth

These are so cute! I would like to see them in a nice pale blue as well. 

Via Mod Cloth

I have been looking for closed toe wedges for what feels like forever, and I can never find a pair I love. Well, the hunt is over! These are so perfect.

Via Mod Cloth

Clearly I have a thing for shark shoes. These are just too cute, and I love the glitter heel!!

If I could, I would order all these shoes. They would all fit into my wardrobe so well! Damn you cute shoes!!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Perth Curvettes Body Parts Challenge - Legs

I really wanted to kick off this challenge with legs (hehe kick, legs haha) anyway, I wanted to because my legs were the last part of my body that I grew to love. They have always been the area that I hated the most. In particular, my knees. Urgh. I HATED my knees. I would never ever ever wear anything that showed my knees. I would even really wear pants, because they showed my knees. 

Screw that. 

This summer was really the first summer that I allowed my knees to see the light of day. And the world didn't end. The more I had them on display, the more confident I grew showing them off, and the more I came to love them. Now, I'm actively seeking out mini skirts, I love shorts, and jeans, if they ain't super skinny, I don't wanna know. 

Loving your body is absolutely a process. It's hard and it's long. We are pretty much told from every angle to hate our bodies. That something always need changing. That this is too fat, or that isn't tight enough. It's all a load of poo. 

Top - City Chic (similar)
Jeans - ASOS Curve (similar)
Shoes - Target

I have short legs. But they take me where I need to go. They can walk for kilometres and not get tired. And they look really fucking great in skinny jeans. 

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