Monday, 5 January 2015

December Instagram Round-Up

As stated in my previous post, December was a totally shit month, but my outfit game was totally on. Here is my December Instagram round-up!

Outfit for meeting our celebrant


Seeing Joan Armatrading wtih my Mum

Me and Mum

I totally love this reverse peplum top thing. 

Absolutely ridiculous nightie I couldn't resist buying. 

Christmas dinner with the girls. I also figured out how to pee while wearing a playsuit. 

Sneaky selfie while shopping in Target. 

I am totally in love with this dress. I want it in black as well. 

another work outfit. 

Dad bought me back some of Grandma's utensils. I have always loved these. 

I got a Spock for Christmas. 

Swimming on boxing day

New dress alert!

Another new dress, a christmas present. This one is all kinds of perfect. 

I wish they had this dress is more colours. I hate the other colour they have, but totally love this dress. I am wearing it again now. 

I officially win dressing myself.

It was a great OOTD month for me! Let's hope I can keep it going!!!