Monday, 22 September 2014

London - Days 4-7

It seems that we have so much time, yet not enough time at all left. I am nowhere near ready to leave. I feel so immensely at home here. I do, however, miss my animals and my dresses!

Anyway, onwards with the rest of week 1!

THURSDAY - We hit up the Natural History Museum, only to find this!

WHAT!!?!?!?! I was so annoyed! But, we still saw some awesome things. Like this giant cell and giant baby

After we had seen everything we wanted to see, we headed down the road for a pie. Omg so good. 

We decided to have a wander round the science museum while were were there too. Then we head back home for a rest before going to see Jenny Lewis at the Islington Assembly Hall. 

She was absolutely amazing. I really didn't know what the expect, but her voice is so powerful. The album recordings really don't do it justice. This show was up there in one of the best I've seen. I was just utterly enthralled through the whole show. 

FRIDAY - We decided to take it easy. We went over to Brent Cross to do some shopping. On the way home we stopped at a little pub down the road for lunch. I had an awesome burger, and then this even more awesome sticky toffee pudding.

 We went to see a movie in the evening. Lucy. Don't bother with it. It was terrible. But I did get this frozen cherry tango, and a mixture of sweet and salty popcorn, so the night wasn't completely ruined.

SATURDAY - On Saturday we headed to Camden Lock. I know it's very samey samey these days, but it still has a special place in my heart. I remember my aunt taking me there when I was about 14, and it was so totally amazing. I still get that feeling when I go there. 

We started with Nutella waffles and coffee

I was super looking forward to checking out the Collectif store there, and I came home with a new skirt (which will make an appearance in a post soon!) and a crop top. As well as the most amazing gold hedgehog bag from a little stall. I also couldn't resist some outfit shots

Cardigan - Target. Dress - Junarose. Stockings - City Chic. Shoes - New Look. Bag - Kate Hill

We then made our way to my aunts to visit her local farmers market. All the stuff looked absolutely amazing, we didn't buy anything, because we were headed to Paris, but I couldn't resist the raspberries. They were sooooo cheap!

That evening we went to a local smokehouse for dinner. You always know it's going to be good when they have rolls of paper towels on the table. 

I had ribs. And mac & cheese. And Bourbon banoffee pie. omg. o.m.g.

SUNDAY - We headed down to my Aunts where there was a street party happening. We met up with my Cousins and had an amazing burger at the pub before checking out my other Cousins stall

Check her stuff out here!
Most of the trains were down, and the traffic and buses were mad, so we decided to walk home across Hampstead Heath. It took us about 50 minutes, but was an absolutely gorgeous walk. We didn't get up to much in the evening because we had to get up super early for Paris. I did have this chocolate ice and raspberries though!

Phew! What a busy few days!! Next up PARIS!!