Monday, 8 December 2014

November Instagram Round-up

It's totally hard to believe it's December already. This year has been absolutely massive! Can't wait to do a year round-up!

Kransky was unimpressed that I chose to have a Neurofeedback session over entertaining him. 

But he was entirely happy when I gave him a brand new bone. 

I made a batch of coconut ice. 

And salted caramels. 

Jesse and I went to a wedding! It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and we had so much fun!

The founding members of the Perth Curvettes. 

We were told to look like we were in love. This was our immediate reaction. 

We kept the faces rolling. 

Kransky decided to go swimming in the river. 

My Sister and I went to see Mockingjay part 1 in full fan girl attire. 

The cutest cuties that ever cuted. 

Picnic and Jeff Lang and the Fremantle Arts Centre with my Sister and Nephews. What a terrible thing to do! :)

All it all it was a pretty good month. Sure I had some shitty things happen, but the good far outweighed the bad.