Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Way We Talk To Ourselves

I overheard a woman telling her friend to buy the smaller size item of clothing (I assume the didn't have her regular size) because she will 'lose weight to fit into it'. And I almost drew blood I bit my tongue so hard. Never buy clothes that don't fit you now. It only perpetuates a negative body image. And that got me thinking about how we talk to ourselves. 

A few years ago, I made the conscious choice to start talking to myself positively, instead of negatively. It was an effort. I had to consciously stop myself from saying something negative, and change it to positive. It was hard. But, now, it's normal. It's how I talk to myself every day. "Wow, my hair looks banging today" "My makeup looks great!" "I love the way this dress looks on my body". 

Don't get me wrong, I have bad days. We all do, that's part of being human. But I try not to let it stop me, my hair isn't behaving, oh well, let it do what it wants, and own it. I'm not feeling quite so fierce in that dress, fake it. Fake the confidence until it comes. Because, it will. 

If we keep talking to ourselves from a place of hate and negativity, we will never be happy. We will always be upset about the way we look or the things we have (it comes back to my motto of "I am enough', post here). When you start talking to yourself positively, lots changes. You'll be happier, you'll see beauty in everything, you'll draw more positive happy people into your life, it will be easier to let go of the people who bring you down, or not let them affect you so much. Good things will start happening everywhere. 

Never ever ever be afraid to boast. Forget what you've been told. If you look freaking hot today, scream it. Post a photo and say 'Man I look hot today' You'll be totally amazed at peoples reactions. I promise no one will say 'stop being so full of yourself' or 'nope'. They'll will marvel at your confidence, and agree, yes, you do look hot today! Be proud, and celebrate things. Any achievement, no matter how small, is worth a celebration. And that can be any celebration, buying yourself an iced coffee, a new nail polish, anything. But treat yourself well, and often. You deserve it. You deserve to be happy, to think you are great, and to love yourself. 

Good things come out of it, I know. I've had it happen.