Friday, 19 July 2013

Life, Lately

Hello! I know I have been absent this week, but we've been working our butts off on Operation Sell House! I have been painting, and scrubbing and culling and tidying all week. I am pooped, but the house looks amazing!

Also, all last week I was seeing Films at Revelation Film Festival. This festival comes once a year and runs for 10 days. This is my 5th year going, and I seriously enjoy it. Highlights for me this year were Burn, Goblin play Suspiria, White Reindeer and A Monster in Paris. 

Wore this necklace for the first time to see Goblin play Suspiria

A Monster In Paris was 3D

Dad joined me for my last film of the festival. We got Ice Cream

Then, it was just painting, painting, painting!

bye bye grey paint

Hello new carpet!

I wish I had gotten a 'before' picture of this room. It had no carpet, and grey walls. It was dark and cold and uninviting. With a coat of paint, new carpet and new curtains it is now a lovely, light, airy, inviting room. I am so happy with the transformation. 

Our kitchen is also nearly finished, just got to put up some wall cabinets, do some tiling and painting. Jesse worked tirelessly on it!

And, we had an amazing gardener come in and do our front garden and back courtyard. I didn't even know we had a garden path, no joke!

So, that's what I've been up to this week!

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