Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Guest Post - Rachael from Not Actually A Ninja

Hi! Today I've got a guest post from Rachael, who blogs over at Not Acutally A Ninja. She is one of my big sponsors this month, so make sure you pop over and say hi!

Hi guys, my name is Rachael and I run a blog Called Not Actually A Ninja.

Kind of a weird name, but my nickname is Ninja Rach, and I am in fact, not actually a ninja.

My blog is about the things in life that happen to me,or a topic that I feel like discussing that day. Usually my posts involve my weird sense of humor, although I am known to have a bit of a rant about something that's pissed me off that day. However, I find that making people laugh is a much better thing to do, and if it's at my misfortune, then even better.

I am a Cherry Coke and Skittle addict, I spend way too much time on the internet looking for new things to read or listen to, love making cupcakes or chocolates and I have a bad habit of spending ridiculous amounts of money on buying songs off itunes (hey,at least I download music LEGALLY)

I also have a horse. Her name is Lulu. She has issues. Nothing major, just slight jealousy   issues if I am patting another horse and the fact that she escapes her paddock on a regular bases then panics when she can't get back to her friends. Oh and the small problem with her SITTING ON MY LAP!!!
Anyway,make sure you stop by Not Actually A Ninja and say hello.I love hearing from you all :)

Horse and I - a nice, normal picture for once

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