Thursday, 10 October 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Thursday's just seem to come around way too fast!

Via City Chic

When I first saw this dress, I wasn't sure. But I actually think I really like it. It's a little different, and could be quite a versatile wardrobe piece.

Via Candy Strike
I am LOVING this bee print skater dress from Candy Strike!

Via ASOS Curve

Typical. ASOS would bring out a totally rad velvet dress, just as it's coming into warmer weather here!

Via ASOS Curve

I think these shorts are super cute! I love the tartan!

Via Blackheart Creatives

I am totally in love with this brain necklace. I have another necklace from Blackheart Creatives, and it's awesome. This one is definitely going on the wish list!

Via SketchInc

This little bunny brooch is so cute!! 

Via Daimblod
These rings are just gorgeous!

That's it from me today! Happy Thursday!!

1 comment:

  1. I love that velvet dress. I was looking at it yesterday, and all I could think of is 'It's going to pick up every bit of fluff in a 5 metre radius!' Ha. I still want it though!