Wednesday, 2 October 2013

What I Wore - Robots

City Chic have a sweet steals sale on at the moment, and I managed to get 3 skirts, 1 top and this dress all for $150. That's pretty amazing. 

It's a really lightweight casual dress, so it's perfect for the warmer weather. 

I don't really know what I'm doing here, but I love it.
Finally the weather has warmed up in Perth, and the rain has shoved off (until the weekend anyway). We've had the wettest September in 90 years, it rained 20 days. It sucked. 

Dress - City Chic
Leggings - City Chic
Shoes - Kmart


  1. Whoa, that *is* amazing! WHAT A HAUL! You look gorgeous in those pieces :)

  2. Ah! That dress! It looks great! I noticed it on the site, I keep tossing up between the dress & the skirt to buy!

  3. love it! I keep wanting to get the polka dot top, skater skirt and tunic from the under 50$ collection but dont even have the money for it at the moment. good haul!

  4. Totally get it. It's super light and comfy and easy to wear. I can tell it's going to be a staple this summer!

  5. I really shouldn't have, but, I just couldn't pass them up!

  6. Ooh, that dress is fab! I love the robot print, super cute!