Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Shop What You Got

I hinted that I was taking part in a new fashion challenge for November. The lovely Jo over at iCurvy World has put together a 'Shop What You've Got' challenge. So, basically I have to pick 30 pieces from my wardrobe, including shoes, belts, etc and only wear them for the month of November. Underwear, swimwear, workout gear is NOT included (phew!).

I've decided to take part for a few reasons: I don't really want to spend any more money on clothes until the Christmas Sales, so I'm going to do some serious savings, and have a massive sale blow out. I also have so much stuff in my wardrobe, and I think it's a good idea to challenge yourself to create new and exciting outfits with limited selections. And also, I'm hopefully moving very soon, which means I can pack up everything that I haven't chosen, and it's all ready to go. 

I have chosen:

Dresses - 5
Skirts - 5
Tops - 11
Shoes - 4
Belt - 1
Leggings - 1
Stockings - 1
Jeans - 1
Shorts - 1

I'm actually really looking forward to this challenge. And I've had some new stuff arrived from Forever21 that I've included in my items, so there will be some new things and some remixed things. 

I'll be blogging some outfits, and Instagramming all of them (follow along with #shopwhatyougot) also, it's not too late to join it! Head here to read all the details!

iCurvy World

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