Monday, 4 November 2013

Aussie Curves - Races

This weeks Aussie Curves theme is races! Now, I really don't enjoy the races. It's generally hot, full of drunk people, and uncomfortable. It's not my scene. But I know that heaps of people do enjoy them, and that's totally cool :) If I did enjoy the races, and wanted to go, here is what I would wear

I absolutely adore the colour of this dress! and it's surprisingly easy to wear. Perfect for summer days

I don't have a fascinator, and didn't want to buy one, so I've opted for my eyeball clip. Not as fancy, but far more me!

Dress - Forever21+
Eyeball Clip - Cute and Creepy
Necklace - Lovisa (old)
Shoes - Jelly Beans

And one with Kransky, for good measure.

Don't forget to check out the other ladies looks!!


  1. The colour of this dress is fan-freaking-tastic on you!

  2. This dress is gorgeous, the colour is so wow!

  3. Love the colour and that dress so much, and can't help but love the puppy :)

  4. dress looks awesome on you!! eyeball clip cooool want to see a close up please!

  5. Thank you! I will wear the clip tomorrow and instagram you pic of it :)

  6. Loving the skeleton necklace. Great maxi too!

  7. Love this colour Lucy, and your " accessory" is adorable!!

  8. That cobalt blue is spectacular on you!

    I just love Kransky! I've always wanted to name a Dachshund 'Snag'

  9. Thank you! Hahah, I want another one called Cheese, so I have Cheese Kransky. :)