Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Today's post is an entry to win $2000 towards my next adventure, which will hopefully be taking Jesse away next year (he doesn't even have a passport!!). 

Adventure, to me, means trying new things. For me, that would be eating everything I can possibly eat. I love being at food markets, seeing, smelling, touching and trying everything I can get my hands on. Experiencing new flavours and foods. But, I also love sightseeing, walking all day, exploring a new city, taking in galleries, museums, must see places. And, no adventure is complete without a trip to the local zoo! It's seeing and doing things that you can't experience in your own city, it's breaking up the routine, it's falling in love with new and exciting places. It's having wild stories to tell your family and friends when you get home (like the time I got stuck up in a mountain top hotel in Switzerland, or the time we nearly missed a train out of Paris) But, mainly, adventure is getting out there and seeing new places, trying new things, and most of all, having a load of fun. It's the fond memories and stories that you'll always have with you, the things that you remember fondly, the adventures you never forget. 

I would like to invite any other bloggers who want to enter, to do so! It's an awesome competition. You can find the details here 

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