Thursday, 17 July 2014

Things I Love Thursday

It feels like FOREVER since I've done a Things I Love Thursday post! 

First of all. This video has been doing the rounds, but I think it's fantastic. If you haven't watched it, please take just 4 minutes out of your day to do so. 

Via Forever21
I am still searching for the perfect pair of jeggings for the plane. I think these are it. Well, they better be, I just bought them.

Via Forever21
And this dress. I couldn't pass it up. Perfect throw on dress I think. Plus, monochrome stripes, can't go wrong :)

Via Forever21
 Mean girls inspired T-shirt? As if I wasn't going to buy this. 
Guh, this glitter clutch is so gorgeous! The colour is so bold. 


I would totally match that clutch with these shoes. I LOVE these shoes.

Via ASOS Curve
 And wear them both with this playsuit. Which is so totally Alex from Jet Georgette's style (I may have sent it to her, hoping she'll buy it!)

Totally didn't mean to buy anything...those Forever21 items just slipped into my basked, and I fell and hit the purchase button....