Monday, 24 November 2014

Honest To Blog

I feel like I need to write, but I'm not sure what about. I'm actually probably procrastinating about starting my assignment. I'm a little bit over my studies at the moment. I'm feeling a little be disheartened about it all. I don't like the style of the assignments, and therefore I don't want to do them. 

I've got a bucketload of gardening to do. I hate gardening. I'm bad at it. The front of my house looks atrocious. It's full of weeds. They won't fuck off. I can't afford to get someone in to do it for me. So I just leave it and get angry every time I look out there. 

I'm supposed to be starting a casual retail job. But, they keep stringing me along. I'm getting sick of it. I'm getting bored. So I don't do anything. And then I feel guilty. I feel sad that I could be out doing gardening, but I hate it, so I don't, so I feel sad. 

It's nearly December, and I'm usually super excited about Christmas and have done all my shopping, but I haven't done anything. That makes me feel down. 

Both my Grandmothers are in hospital. It sucks. 

All the stores are sold out of the water filters I need for my water cooler. I'm annoyed at that. 

I might go up to my parents house tomorrow for a swim. Its going to be hot. 

My best friend and her little man just came for a visit. She is super pregnant and super ready to give birth. Kransky and Harrison ran around the house and wore each other out, and now Kransky is snoring, fast asleep on my chair. 

I'm going to have a neurofeedback session, then some lunch. 

I really wish March would hurry up. I want to be married to Jesse already. It's also annoys me when vendors don't reply emails. Why do you have an email contact if you don't use it. I'm trying to book my hair and make-up trial. And I've paid them a deposit. It's annoying. 

And that's everything that's in my brain right now.