Thursday, 27 November 2014

Things I Love Thursday - Christmas Wish List Edition

I'm finally starting to get into the Christmas spirit! This is a first for me, I'm usually all shopped and wrapped and ready by December 1st. This year, I just wasn't feeling it. But, I'm actually starting to get excited, so I thought I would share what's on my wish list this year. 

First things first, that my Grandmothers, who are both in hospital at the moment, have full recovery's. Please send your good thoughts. 

Via ModCloth Size 2XL

Via Lady V London Size 22
I know I have shared both these dresses before, but they are high up on my wardrobe wish list. Top, in fact!

Via Book Depo
I also want someone to do something with my front lawn. It is shit. 

I want a new tattoo. I always want a new tattoo.