Saturday, 27 April 2013

Life Lately - Birthday Time!

I'm back! What a crazy couple of days I've had! It was my birthday on Thursday, so I've been busy with catch ups and dinners.

It started last Monday with lunch for Jesse's birthday (we are born only 6 days apart) we headed in to Fremantle, to The Monk.

Cardamom ice cream sundae

Bush pavlova
Then Wednesday night we held joint drinks at The Classroom (it's a really cool small bar that is decked out like a classroom. The tables are desks, there are games, and books and things, you order your food from the 'canteen') to catch up with friends. It was a really chilled night, not too late, lots of yummy drinks and food! None of which I remembered to get a photo of! But I did get a photo of my brothers playing a game of chess

Thursday (my birthday!) I got up early to go get my new tattoo. It was so lovely, my amazing tattooist had gotten me a card and some chocolates! 

Then I spent the rest of the day in my bed playing with my new iPad mini and watching Law & Order SVU. Until my parents picked me up to meet Jesse to go to dinner.

Pol Roger Rose Champagne

We went to Deco at The Raffles. It was so lovely. Looking out over the river, and the food! 

this is my favourite photo from the evening. I'm clearly extremely suspicious of whatever Jesse is saying.

Suckling Pig, 4 ways

I forgot to take a picture of my entree, but Mum and I shared a charcuterie plate, then I ate Suckling pig. It was seriously delish.

Dad's Chocolate Fondant

Mum's Pistachio macaron with pistachio ice cream and Persian fairy floss

My Glenfiddich Creme Brulee

I almost ordered 2 desserts, both the brulee (my fav dessert ever) and the macaron. But then Mum ordered the macaron, so I just ate some of hers. Both were absolutely amazing.

Awww. I love this boy.

Then Friday I spent all my birthday money at City Chic. So, prepare for a bucket load of outfit posts coming this week!

Phew, I think I'm all caught up!! Now, I'm spending a few days off work, and relaxing.

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