Thursday, 19 December 2013

Things I Love Thursday

I haven't done a Things I Love Thursday post forever! I actually had some time to look at the Internet this week. Here is what I found

Via Simply Be

I'm totally loving this '20s inspired dress from Simply Be. I want to wear this to the glam night that I'm having with some other outrageously gorgeous Perth bloggers. And I would, if I owned it!


Can someone please explain to me why this Dachshund print dress does not come in fat sizes? 


Totally love this jumper. If it wasn't summer, I would buy it. 

Via Wittner

I just received my very first pair of Wittner shoes. I am in love. It's terribly hard to find really good quality leather shoes, that are affordable, and that also fit my wide feet. But, Alex from The Black Chiffon swore black and blue that Wittner were the way to go. She was right, as usual! These are next on my list.  Sometimes, it's easy to disregard shopping in places that don't necessarily cater to wide variety of sizes. But, I have to remember that trying things on is super necessary, because you just never know. I got so sick of shoes never fitting, that I stuck to what I knew, and I was happily wrong about Wittner!

Via New Look

Sparkly boots!!

Via Crave Jewelry Design

This little guy is so cute! I want to take him home.

Via Pangea Brands

Hells yeah, sausage dog toast. This is a need. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursdays. After today I'm on holidays! Very much looking forward to that!!