Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Life Lately

I had an amazing weekend this weekend. Jesse had Friday and Sunday off. We took full advantage!

It all started Friday morning when I caught up with 2 of the Perth Curvettes for brunch, in which I ordered pancakes and fries. 

My 'Damn, I look good today' face. 
Friday night Kate from Sparkles and Lace held a party for her blogs first birthday. We headed down to Devilles for some cocktails and dancing. And we totally brought it, we all look so gorgeous!

I'm wearing Hell Bunny B Movie dress

Katie from Spijkerkats Closet and Kate from Sparkles and Lace

Sarah from Fatshioning It Up

Alex from Jet Georgette

The Perth Curvettes Founders

We love this mirror for selfies!

Alex, Kate, Sarah & Katie. Love these ladies!

Some other Perth Curvettes joined us! Marnie and Tegan!

Possibly the best photo ever taken

Jesse knows that Alex and I might just run away together. 

Apart from the disappointing food, it was a really fun night out!

Saturday was spent lazing with Kransky

He has the best faces. 

On Sunday there was a food truck festival called the Perth Food Truck Rumble that was being held at the Perth Cultural Centre. They were also running a Film Noir festival at the same venue, later that night. So, we decided to head down about 4ish, eat a lot of food, then watch the movie at 7pm. There were playing Double Indemnity, which is Jesse's favourite film. 

I was totally starving by the time we got there, having saved myself for all the goodness, only to find it was mostly all sold out :( I started with some Pork Belly pizza, which I didn't snap because I was too hungry!

Snickers cupcake from Kustom Cupcakes

Cupcake competition Jesse wanted me to enter

Duck Dumpling from Jumplings

Cheese Fries from Butty's
Really, the only thing I missed out on was a Rib burger from Butty's, and although I was disappointed about that, I was really impressed with the rest of the food I ate. 

Then we snuggled down to watch the film. When it was finished we headed home to catch up on Hannibal (and maybe have some tea and toast!)

See, amazing weekend!

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  1. Friday was so much fun :) looks like you had a fab weekend all round x