Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Life Lately

YAY! It's April! Which means it's my birthday month. That's very exciting. It's actually Jesse and Kransky's birthday months too! I don't feel like I've been up to much lately, but I've got a fair few photos, so I must have been!!

Jesse and I had a date night. On a Friday night!

comfy and casual outfit for date night to the movies!

We had some G&T's before our movie

Alex came round, then decided she wanted Churros, so off we went!

Alex from Jet Georgette and I went for Churros. She had a hot and cold and I had an iced coffee. One of the best I've ever had in Perth!

mmmmm Churros

Another date night! We heard about a $20 pulled pork and drink special. We were all over that baby!

My handsome date

You really can't go past pulled pork and slaw in a brioche bun. 

See what I mean? They're just too good. 

These are the chips. It's a potato croquet smothered in manchego. My type of chips.

Sunday night I headed to Rooftop movies with 2 of the Perth Curvettes. We saw Sixteen Candles. Still one of the best movies!

It was finally cool enough to wear this amazing dinosaur jumper on the weekend! At Rooftop movies with Sarah from Fatshioning it Up and Alex from Jet Georgette

Hotties! Sarah & Alex!

And amongst all that has been lots of walkies wth Kransky, study for my exams, and work for my money!!


  1. Eee! Yay for the dino jumper getting a wear! I can't wait to wear mine!

  2. Yay for April birthdays! Me too. Man, I need to try churros soon!

  3. YAY!! You totally need to try churros. They're amazing! I see a birthday outing right there :)

  4. Yep. It's amazing. when it's acutally cold, it's never coming off :)