Thursday, 7 March 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Seeing as it's Easter at the end of the month (Seriously how is it March already?!?!) I've decided to do a bunny themed post today. I LOVE bunnies. Which you probably all know by now :)

I would be happy receiving any of these as an Easter gift. As well as chocolate. Always chocolate.

Via Birds Nest

A bunny shaped freckle. This is both a bunny and chocolate. You can't go wrong!

Via Heaven Sales

This bunny creamer is so cute! Sometimes I really wish I used milk enough to necessitate one of these.

Bunny Boutique

These rabbit earrings are so cute!


I love this rabbit signet ring. He kind of reminds me of Rabbit from Winne the Pooh


I'm going to Sydney is 2 weeks, and this rabbit back pack would be perfect to carry on the plane with me! Not to mention when I'm out and about :)

Via Heaven Sales

When I saw this jumper, I knew that no other jumper would ever be as amazing. This is possibly the most amazing item of clothing I have ever come across. It's so ugly, yet so beautiful at the same time. I am going to make it my mission to own this jumper one day. Please have size fat!


This ASOS jumper is also super cute! They seem to be sold out in my size though :(


I love this rabbit shirt for 2 reasons, 1 it has rabbits on it, and 2 it's black and white. And everyone knows how obsessed I am with monochrome at the moment!

Via Fred & Friends
I know this isn't a bunny related thing, but come on, how could I not include it. SO CUTE! I wish I had a real manatee!

And, here is a photo of my rabbits, just to end the post :)

Yep. That really happened.


  1. Cutest collection of rabbit related paraphanalia ever. I want that ASOS jumper and the rabbit dress shirt.

  2. Fred is so great! I have a set of chopsticks that are crafted like drumsticks and a sock monkey made for a wine bottle! The manatee is amaz'.