Friday, 28 March 2014

Honest To Blog

I was out to dinner with Jesse the other night. And I was feeling pretty good. I had a pretty dress on, I'd given some change to 2 guys at the parking ticket machine so they could get a ticket, we got seated right away, and I was really looking forward to the pulled pork burger I had just ordered. Then I started to overhear the conversation at the next table. 

It was a group of 4 girls. After complaining that their fish was too fishy and their gin was too savoury, they started in on another girl. What got my attention is this 'She didn't even look skinny.' That started alarm bells in my head. That made me have to bite my tongue. 

I assume they were talking about this girl wearing her wedding dress, because of all dresses you wear in your life, you want your wedding dress to make you look super skinny right? Because you can't possibly get married looking fat, right? Cue more tongue biting and eye rolling. Then, one of the lovely ladies even brought up a picture of the girl in question and started showing it around the table. 'Yeah, she doesn't look skinny at all!' 'Her ankles look fugly' REALLY LADIES? I UNDERSTAND YOU ARE ALL JEALOUS. SHE IS HAPPILY MARRIED AND YOU ARE ALL SITTING ROUND A TABLE COMPLAINING ABOUT FISH. 

I didn't see the picture, but I don't need too. I'm sure she looked beautiful. And when I put on a wedding dress (hurry up Jesse) I won't look skinny either. I'll look fat. Because I am fat. And I'll look beautiful, because I am. I am safe in the knowledge that I will look beautiful, and that I don't need to look skinny. These girls must be so woefully insecure about their bodies, so much so they had to project these onto another girl, who wasn't even there. 

I joyfully joked with the waiter that I could eat another burger, and that I might, if I was still hungry when I finished my chips, gaining me a few looks from the table in question. Because I am not, and do not, try to be anything other that what I am. Because I am happy with me as a person. I am a good person. I am kind, funny, beautiful, and I'll eat 2 burgers if I want to eat 2 burgers. And I won't even try to look skinny in my wedding dress, and ladies, if you wan to comment about how I don't look skinny, be my guest. I'm a giant reflecty thing, and all your comments reflect off me and back on to you. You'll be the ones left sitting at a table complaining about everything, while I, full and happy, saunter off down the road not even looking skinny in my dress. 


  1. I recently found out one of my friends was those girls. It seems lately all she wants to do is be mean about other people. Someone we knew got married and she text me saying "well I see she didn't lose weight for the wedding" I was horrified she could be so bitter and mean so just text back " how is your pizza for one while she looks beautiful marrying her soul mate". It is terrible that some people can be so hateful and mean because overall they are jealous xxx

  2. I loved this! Thanks Lucy.

  3. I love this for so many reasons!

    I've never understood the whole "zomg must be super skinny on my wedding day!!!!11!!1". Why be skinny on your wedding day if you're not skinny normally? I was engaged once and my oldest, most loyal friend looked me straight in the eye and said "don't you dare go on a diet for your wedding. you'll look stupid and fake and you'll be a miserable bitch because you're hungry and the whole thing will suck". Point taken!

    I don't know what kind of horrible people bitch out their supposed friend because she didn't look skinny on her wedding day, but I bet there are a whole bunch of people like that.

    I'd rather be fat and have a belly full of delicious food and beer and not be a nasty piece of work, really. Even on my wedding day, should it ever come. I hope Jesse makes this wedding thing happen for you soon - you'll be a gorgeous bride!

    (/end creepy message. I told Jesse recently that it's a shame we didn't bump into each other at Rumble because I've been reading your blog forever and want to meet you because you seem rad, and he is rad, so I trust that you are too!)

  4. Exactly!! Sure, look gorgeous, be the centre of attention, but you can do all that and still be you, not some hunger stricken, angry, upset, but skinny version of you!!

    Clearly, they weren't her friends. I can say with absolutely confidence that none of my friends talk like that behind my back, I ditched people like that years ago. You don't need people like that in your life.

    EXACTLY! Me too!! He's only been going on about for nearly 2 years. Thank you!

    Wow! Thanks so much for reading! Yeah, I'm not gunna lie, I'm pretty rad, also, modest! haha. We will have to arrange to go for a drink sometime. There are still heaps of Jesse's friends I haven't made my friends yet. :)