Monday, 19 May 2014

What I Wore - Rock On

On Saturday night, we held another Perth Curvettes Community event (more on this another post!). Of course this meant looking fabulous! I chose to wear my brand new dress. I'd had it on layby for a while, and when I paid it off, I saved it for this event.

I was originally going to buy this print in just a skirt, but then decided I had to have the dress. I absolutely adore this style of dress, and wish they did more like this and less halter!

I threw on my black petticoat and my knock-off litas and I was ready to party!

Petticoat - Hell Bunny
Tights - Sonsee Woman
Shoes - eBay

I got heaps of compliments on this dress throughout the night, which is always a lovely thing!!

It was an absolute blast of a night. Look out for my post about it coming later in the week!