Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Perth Curvettes Mexican Fiesta

So, I was meant to post this last week, but on Monday night I was struck down the the epic cold to end all colds. I am still recovering now. I had big plans to blog every day last week, and do heaps of outfit shots and Perth Curvettes body parts challenge, and it just didn't happen. And that's ok. That's life! Anyway...

So, as most of you are probably aware by now, me and a bunch of friends started an online community for Perth women called Perth Curvettes. We are all about embracing your body, and loving it, or learning too, and breaking out of your fashion box, etc. We like to hold get together every now and again for people to get to meet each other, and dress the fuck up. We decided on a Mexican place in the city for the last get together, and we had a great turn out!


Sarah from Fatshioning It Up rocking my Galaxy baby doll dress!

I was loving the mocktails!

Boobalicous! Marnie (Marnie Loves Breakfast), Katie (SpijkerKat's Closet) & Kate (Sparkles & Lace)

I decided to photobomb Alex & Danae's gorgeous photo

Alex (Jet Georgette) finally got to meet her doppelgänger and all round girl crush, Nadia (Throwing A Curveball)

Our 'Newbies' L-R - Danae, Nadia, Marnie, Kat & Michelle

Of course Alex had to use her famous photoboming skills

The Founders. L-R - Natalie, Kate, Katie, ME, Sarah, Alex

All of us!
It was such a great night! If you are from WA and want to join us, just search for Perth Curvettes on facebook, or follow the hashtag #perthcurvettes on Twitter and Instagram. 

The night ended with a white chocolate ice cream macaron sandwich with milk chocolate dipping sauce and a spanish iced coffee. Totally worth it.

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