Thursday, 31 January 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Having a 4 day weekend really make the week fly by. Especially if you spend said weekend doing mountains of things. I still found time to peruse the internet for things I like.

Jesse and I are going to get a mini Dachshund soon. We've decided we want a black and tan one, and so I've been looking at breeders. They are just so cute.

Via Shanalogic
I need these buttons in my life. Particularly the 'You Jerk' one. 

Via Shanalogic
Jesse firmly believes that one of my thumb drives, is actually his, and I stole it from him long before we got together. (I didn't, and it isn't) but this would save his confusion. Therefore, is necessary.

Via Think Geek

I've had my eye on this TNG Pez set for a while. I came across it while looking for a Riker bobblehead (Which does not exist! I just can't believe that!). You get all 8 of them. It's pretty cool.

Via Tarazz

I love these velvet manicures. I want it in berry please.

Via Tarazz
I also want this cream puff collection. I want to wear all the colours at once.