Thursday, 26 September 2013

Things I Love Thursday

It's all clothes again. Sorry, not sorry!

Via Virtu

DACHSHUND PYJAMAS!!!!! That's all I need say about that.

Via Virtu
 This metallic top is just awesome. I want to pair this with my blue skinny jeans!

Via New Look

This mouse hoodie is so cute! I know that the warmer weather is supposed to be coming (which it totally isn't in Perth. It's been raining constantly!) but I want this hoodie so bad!

Via New Look

I don't usually go for red, it's not a colour I really get into, but this skirt is beautiful.

Via Igigi

Loving this Igigi dress. It looks like it's comfortable, and effortless to wear.

Via Lala Belle

I need this dress is my life. It's wonderful. I keep looking at it lovingly. 


 I have been on the hunt for a new everyday handbag. I have literally been looking for MONTHS! And this is it. I finally found it. It's big enough to hold all the stuff I just have to have on me all the time. It has a long strap, shoulder straps, enough pockets to hold keys, plastic dinosaurs, phone, dog treats, and it's pink. BAG, GET IN MY LIFE!

That's it for this week! Happy Thursday!

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