Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Perth Curvettes Modern Princesses - Snow White

I had an idea in mind for how I wanted to dress as Snow White, the only problem was, yellow isn't part of my colour palette, so had none in my wardrobe. Luckily, my Mum had just the thing, and I was able to complete my look!

So, here is my take on Snow White

I realise now I should have worn a white petticoat instead of a black one, but oh well. And I do have a bow in my hair, but you can't really see it. Other than that, I'm pretty happy with my outfit. 

Jumper - Mums
Belt - ASOS Curve
Skirt - Heartbreaker
Tights - Sonsee Woman
Shoes - Target

Well, I'm off to eat a brownie and watch some Cake Boss!

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