Thursday, 14 August 2014

Things I Love Thursday

I've already deemed this summer the summer of the crop top. I've decided that I'm going to wear so many crop tops it's not funny. I want to wear them with shorts, skirts, over my bikini. I'm going to dominate!!!!

ANYWAY! with that in mind, I've been looking at a bunch of crop tops. And while I'm probably going to order every one available in Chubby Cartwheels new Summer Strut collection, I've also come across some other really cool stuff. But, lets start with the crop tops :)

Via Jibri

This Jibri crop is so perfect I might weep. When I imagine the summer of crop tops in my head, I am wearing a top exactly like this with my distressed denim shorts. LOVE.

Via Forever21+

This one comes in a range of colours. I want them all! I love the cut out at the back. 

Via Forever21+

Yep. The motivate me to keep on being me. I couldn't care less what the haters think. 

Pink Clove Via ASOS Curve

I love the mesh at the top of this black top. It just gives it something more. 

New Look via ASOS Curve

I totally love these culottes from New Look. They seem like they are the perfect thing to throw on to go to the beach, or to a summer picnic. 

Via ASOS Curve
This is so not in my colour (however it is in Alex's!) but I love the style. If this was in black I would be swooning. 

That's it for this week. Anyone want to join me in making summer 14/15 the summer of the crop top???