Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Aussie Curves - Perth Meet Up

On Friday night, I was lucky enough to meet some of the girls from my Aussie Curves group, who also live in Perth. 

It was pouring down rain, I was nervous, I nearly cancelled. I was the first one there, after having been rained on waiting for my bus. The bar was packed, it was noisy, I almost left. But, I am SO SO SO glad that I didn't. Kate arrived first, we grabbed a drink, and found a semi-quiet spot to wait for the others. The Sarah arrived, and we decided to move to the restaurant where we could get a table, it was quiet, and we could eat. 

We quickly settled in to easy conversation while we waited for Alexandra and Natalie to arrive. Once they did, the conversation kept flowing. We ate some food, had some drinks, laughed a whole lot, and became instant friends. 

We are already planning our next meet up, and we have all been in conversation over facebook since meeting. It is so wonderful to meet some amazing, like minded women, who I get on so well with. I am so glad that I didn't cancel. These women are awesome!

Kate of Sparkles and Lace

Sarah from Fatshioning It Up

Alex (from a blog with no posts!)

Natalie (who doesn't have a blog, but should totally start one!)

Dress - City Chic
Long sleeved crop top - ASOS
Tights - Avella at Big W
Shoes - Kmart

What a bunch of totally rad, hot ladies!
I have found 4 firm new friends, and I couldn't be happier about it! Thanks for an awesome night, ladies!

PS: Thanks to Sarah for taking these pics, and letting me steal them :)

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