Thursday, 15 August 2013

Things I Love Thursday

This weeks post should be called 'Thing I Want From ASOS'.


This bag, is like my dream bag. It's everything I want in a bag. Family, you should totally buy this for me now, and keep it as a Christmas present.


This penguin scarf is just too cute. 

Via ASOS Curve

I'm not usually drawn to yellow clothes, but I love this skirt.

Via ASOS Curve
This bikini is all kinds of gorgeous. I really wish I needed a bikini but, I don't like the beach, so I never go, and Mum and Dad are probably having their pool filled in, so I won't have easy access to a pool. Maybe I should just buy it anyway.

Short and sweet from me this week!

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  1. I did a girly scream when I saw the yellow ombré skirt and quickly put it in my saved cart Fingers crossed there's a code soon ;) ---Tegan