Wednesday, 14 August 2013

What I Wore - Scuba Skirt

I have been lusting after this skirt, pretty much since it was first released. I finally bought it last week, and I'm in love. I realise I say that about nearly all my clothes, but it's true. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen a little sneak peek of this last week. When it arrived, I had to try it on straight away, and then take some photos. 

This skirt is seriously cool. It's shiny, it's tight, it hugs my hips and bum just right, and you just can't help but touch it.

I went and got my fringe trimmed yesterday morning. There is nothing like a trim to make you feel good. I am attempting to grow my very thin hair at the moment. I usually keep my hair short, but I'm over it. I haven't had long hair since I was about 11. It got to just below my shoulders a few years ago when I was living abroad, but I cut it all off before I came home. I'm determined!

Peplum Top - City Chic (Similar)
Scuba Skirt - Harlow
Tights - Avella at Big W
Shoes - Kmart

I urge you all to go and check out Harlow. They're an independent Australian plus size designer, and their stuff is awesome, and affordable.


  1. I love this whole outfit and would replicate it in a heartbeat if I could.

  2. Looks amazing! I kind of want to touch the skirt to see what it feels like :P

  3. Thank you! It's very nice to touch!! x

  4. Loving this look. Great shot of your tattoo too!