Wednesday, 21 August 2013

What I Wore - Coral Skirt

Last week I may have been suffering from ASOS withdrawals. I hadn't placed an order for weeks. WEEKS! I placed an order. So, that means fun new outfit posts! This post features 2 of the items that I ordered.

I am totally in love with the colour of this skirt! I have been wishing and hoping for a pink skirt like this to come along, and it did!!

I am also wearing my new pink jellies. I am totally obsessed. I now how a black pair, purple pair and this pink pair, and I honestly do not think it is going to stop there. I never thought I would love them so much.

Top - City Chic
Skirt - ASOS Curve
Tights - Sonsee
Jellies - JuJu via ASOS

Can we talk about these tights for a sec. There has been a lot of hype over them. They're made specifically for us fat chicks. I honestly didn't believe that they would really be anti-roll, or that they wouldn't slouch down to my ankles because I'm too short. But they are as good as the hype. They don't slouch, they don't roll, the top doesn't cut in. They are super stretchy, and oh so comfy. I am seriously impressed and I will be ordering more. (this isn't a sponsored post or anything, just a public service announcement!)

Look out for the rest of my haul in the coming weeks :)


  1. Ohh! I like that skirt! I never noticed it in that colour!
    Loving the shoes! Have you seen Jelly Beans, I have 2 pairs of theirs and love them!

  2. Thank you! Yes! I have 1 pair of Jelly Beans, but all the other colours I want are sold out in my size :( They are the best though!

  3. Argh, that skirt is the SEX! Loving the jellies too.

  4. Such a cute outfit, I love the color of the skirt is so cute and so are the jellies! I've been hearing a lot about the Sonsee tights too, I might just try a pair because I like how you say they don't roll because that's a problem I have with the ones I own right now.


  5. Thanks! Yeah, i honestly didn't believe the hype, but they are as good as they are made out to be!