Thursday, 29 August 2013

Things I Love Thursday

I was utterly convinced that today was Friday. Which is strange, considering I'm sitting a mid semester exam tomorrow. I think I'm excited about it. hmm...Anyway, here is this weeks Things I Love Thursday!

Via eBay

I think this boat shaped dog bed is so cute. I can totally see Kransky sleeping in this!

Via eBay

I have a sausage dog. I want to dress him in this costume. 

Via TopShop

I am so in love with this marshmallow skirt from TopShop. I really wish that they would make bigger sizes. I would be all over this skirt. 

Via ASOS Curve

Yep, this dress is coming home with me. I can't not buy it. It's just too perfect. 

This is also pretty cool.

And so are these animals being jerks


  1. I noticed the spot pinafore you have is on sale at citychic too! Guh!
    That dog bed is soooo cute and I am SO in love with that skirt!

  2. That marshmallow skirt is AMAZING! Seriously, eff them for not making it in size fat.

  3. I saw that too! You should totally invest. I wear it all the time. x

  4. That dog's hot dog costume is so freaking adorable! Is it weird I want it for my cat, I know it might not make as much sense but it would be amazing!