Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Aussie Curves - New Years Eve

I'm not a big fan of New Years Eve. It's completely overrated, in my opinion. So, Jesse and I usually just head to my folks house, with a couple of friends, and talk the night away. 

This year, we were already staying at my folks, but they were away, so it was just us, and another couple. And it was wonderful. I kept my outfit casual. I even had to put a cardigan on, it was chilly!

They puppies also wanted in on my photos. The photos aren't fantastic, I'm still playing around/getting the hang of my new camera. 

Denim Vest - Forever21+ (similar)
T-shirt - Kmart
Skirt - ASOS Curve
Shoes - Wittner

Kransky opted to wear his green bow tie for the evening

I hope everyone had a lovely NYE. And be sure to check out the other Aussie Curves ladies!


  1. New years Eve really is quite overrated, it can be a good night out but has so much expectation attached to it
    I love the vest!
    and how cute is Kransky!

  2. Well doesn't kransky just look so dapper in that bow tie!
    Love the low key outfit, the vest is awesome!

  3. Kransky looks so handsome!

    I love your skirt - I have the same one and it's my favourite piece of clothing.


  4. Yep, exactly! Thank you! I can't even, he is too adorable in bow ties.

  5. Thanks! Yeah, it's so versatile, I love it. x