Friday, 31 January 2014

What I Wore - Hi-Lo, Maxi & Summer Hair Up

I'm back with another Perth Curvettes Summer Style challenge. I mentioned that Alex and I smashed out some outfit shots last week. I really love playing dress ups!

Alex also braided my hair for this challenge...I hardly wear my hair up. Not because I don't like it up, just I'm so terrible at doing hair. 

Alex also put this outfit together. I'm still not 100% certain I like this skirt...I like the colour, style, etc...I'm just not used to wearing light colours on the bottom, and I think it will take a bit of getting used too. I also wish I had changed shoes...I think my black Wittner clogs would have looked better...but anyway...

I just think that dark on top and light on bottom looks a bit funny. If the colours were switch I would totally dig this outfit. I think I need to get over that. I mean, it's a great outfit.

Top - Seraphim
Skirt - Autograph (sold out online)
Shoes - Target (Sold out online)

I picked up this skirt for a whole $10. I know, bargain right!

Want to participate? use #perthcurvettes on instagram, or add your blog to the linky below! 


  1. I love it, a real summery fun outfit, have an awesome weekend :)

  2. I love everything about this outfit, your hair looked so cute like this!
    I love the bright blue skirt, I love the crop top - its the perfect length!
    And the 7th (i think photo down) where you are super smiley - so cute!!
    ok, thats enough gushing from me ;)

  3. Thanks Alex! The more I look at the photos, the more I like it. I need to experiment more with light bottoms and dark tops I think.