Tuesday, 28 January 2014

What I Wore - Summer Errands

The lovely Alex of The Black Chiffon came over on Friday to give me a hand culling my wardrobe (2 big boxes of things ready for Market Plus on Sunday!!) and while she was there, we snapped a few outfit shots. 

I was already wearing this outfit, because it's comfortable, and easy to run around in, especially in the heat. 

Whenever I wear all black, I like to have a pop of colour with my shoes. 

It's so great having another blogger take your photos. They're patient, and know what you are looking for. I think the Perth Curvettes need to play dress ups a lot, and take each others photos!

Skirt - ASOS Curve
Shoes - Target (sold out)

Alex described my style as punk cupcake. I think that's pretty accurate!!

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  1. You have to teach me how to pose better. Every one of your poses shot like gold.

  2. Really? I think I pose the same in all my outfit shots. It also too me AGES to feel comfortable posing. Also, I just copied what other fashion bloggers were doing.

  3. Yeah I think you have the posing down pat too :) Sometimes I feel like I'm posing too hard, you always look so natural at it!
    I love that "nope" top!