Friday, 21 March 2014

Sponsor Giveaway! Win A $25 Giftcard!

Morning gang! Today I'm so super excited to introduce you all to Mel from Epic Stitching. Mel has been hanging out on my sidebar all month, and is here to tell you a bit about her and her shop, and giveaway a $25 giftcard to spend at Epic Stitching! 

Epic Stitching & Handmade Design was a revival of individual creativity for me, Mel. I had spent 8 years as a Magazine Art Director and created items for business, but they just weren't me. So I decided that I needed to design items that were to my passions and style. Thus came the creation of an Etsy store, Epic Stitching & Handmade Design. 

The primary items sold I sell are Kumihimo bracelets and jewelry. Kumihimo is an ancient Samurai technique that was used to create armor. It's strength and durability are unmatched when used in a fiber application for jewelry.  Because I'm severely allergic to metal I was overjoyed to finally discovered a way to make beautiful jewelry that I could wear for more than a couple of hours. Colors, designs and fiber options just exploded in my head and I knew that I couldn't just make bracelets for friends. Within a month I already had more than I knew what to do with! That is when my store really took off; new job that wasn't creative (I work full-time still doing admin work to pay the mortgage) and time in the evenings to explore the shop possibilities. 
Now that all my creativity can go into the store and it's products I feel much more fulfilled. 
I love making custom orders and working with customers to get what they want with colors and designs. Each person is individual and your accessory style should match that! 

All my items are handmade by me, and tested out first by myself, friends or family. Many of my items have been worn for months and months on end before they get to the store for sale. Including: test in ocean water for 10 days (satin cord, no wear seen at all!); toddler sucking on a kids bracelet for weeks on end (bracelet looked fine as was the child); pull tests on necklaces/chokers to ensure they will not come off even with a baby pulling on them for hours on end.

The most surprising discovery I have had over the course of the last 2 years of having Epic Stitching on Etsy is that there are so many men that want to wear basic, natural, not too flashy bracelets! They are some of my best repeat customers. So today I have product lines that work for men, women and children. And there are more ideas and fibers coming out all the time! 

Giveaway info below. $25 gift card to store and free international shipping.

Thanks Mel!! If you want to enter to win this awesome prize, just enter using the widget below

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    I really like this for Chris. I also think it'd be really cute to get a matching one for an anklet. :3