Monday, 10 March 2014

What I Wore - Sunday Errands to Sunday Brunch

This was probably the hardest of the Double Takes for me. I would probably wear the same outfit for both of these outings. I would make a point to chose and outfit that was appropriate for both. But, seeing as this is a challenge, I had to think differently. When standing in front of my wardrobe, all my dresses says 'pick me, pick me' my eyes fell upon my robot dress, and I didn't think twice. I knew it was the one.


I kept it simple with a crop cardi, and some almost flats! I actually wear this outfit quite a bit. It's so easy to wear, and always looks good!

Dress - City Chic
Cardigan - Target (really old)
Shoes - Kmart
Robot necklace - Lovisa (present)


A quick shoe and jewelry change and I'm ready for brunch! I decided on my clogs, they're so comfortable!

Dress - City Chic
Shoes - Wittner
Necklace - Domino Dollhouse

So, that's my Sunday Errands to Sunday Brunch look. This dress is so versatile though, I can't think of many situations where it's not appropriate.

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  1. Loooove the "you can't sit with us" necklace!! the robot dress is sooo cute, perfect for both!

  2. we should totally all just buy our own!

  3. Sparkles and Lace16 March 2014 at 14:44

    I love this dress!! I wish I had bought it when it was out! I like the two looks alot. I think the cardi goes really well with the dress.

  4. Sparkles and Lace16 March 2014 at 14:45

    I would be down with that!

  5. Thanks! I Love this cardi with this dress!!