Thursday, 6 March 2014

Things I Love Thursday

WOW! It's Thursday all ready?!? I haven't even done any of my Perth Curvettes March outfit shots yet! Best get on that. 

Honestly, I've spent most of this weeks looking at pretty Hell Bunny dresses...but, in between that here is what I've come across!

Firstly, my parents. They just bought me and Jesse flights to London for our 30th birthdays. We are so grateful it's beyond words. We are there for nearly the whole of September. I'm so excited.

Via Pinup Girl Clothing

I love this top! I would prefer the pink was brighter and less coral, but it's still cool.

Via BooHoo

Via BooHoo
 BooHoo have just launched their plus size range, and it's pretty impressive, and affordable. I would love to have these 2 pieces in my winter wardrobe! They colours and styles are pretty on trend - but I'd like to see some edgier pieces. 
Via Zu
Because I need another pair of black platform shoes. But these are so pretty!

Short and sweet today. These posts will probably get bigger as I enforce a tight savings budget to have money to blow overseas!

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  1. All of these clothes are lovely, I especially love the shoes! Also, I've nominated your for a Liebster award on my blog, if you'd like to fill it out! (no obligation of course!) Have a lovely day :)