Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What I Wore - Favourite Summer Dress & Coral

WOW! This is my second last Summer Style post!! We've decided on the March challenge, which will be 5 different double take outfits! That's going to be heaps of fun. 

This is my favourite summer dress. I LOVE this dress. It's comfortable and so easy to wear. It was a Christmas present.

Whenever I wear this dress, I always manage to spill something stainy down the front! It's a family curse, I'm sure. 

I've posted about these shoes before. They are my Big W $8 bargain wedges. They are so comfortable. I really wish they came in all the colours! I'm also wearing my ridiculous horse necklace that Kate (Sparkles and Lace) found me on eBay. 

Dress - City Chic
Shoes - Big W
Necklace - eBay

Massive thanks to Alex (Jet Georgette) for taking this photos!!

Want to participate? use #perthcurvettes on instagram, or add your blog to the linky below!


  1. cutest dress & i love those wedges! so nice & bright! you're doing awesome with the summer style challenge - I have three to go, I'm going to try knock a few out in the next day or so x

  2. It's Alex. If she hadn't put some of the outfits together for me, I never would have finished them!