Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Life, Lately

Life has just been super busy lately! But, it's good. It's good to catch up with friends and family. 

Saturday afternoon I went to catch up with my best friend and her gorgeous little baby. As the afternoon was nice and sunny, we decided on a walk. 

We took some great shots of Mum and Bub, one particularly great serious of Harry vomiting everywhere! 

As the sun was setting, we headed back to get burgers, and settled in to watch Love Actually.

So good. I could totally eat one of those burgers right now!

Sunday brought a lie in and hot chocolate in bed, followed by afternoon tea at my folks house. Mum has been away in LA so we all went up to welcome her home, and to say 'Happy Mothers Day'. As per usual, Dad completely over catered, and we were all sent home with a goody bag 

Sunday night Jesse and I went to see Star Trek Into Darkness. It was AMAZING!

And yesterday we spent the day together, and then went to Jesse's parents house for dinner. See, crazy busy!! But, really good. 

Oh, and my new hat arrived. 

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