Thursday, 2 May 2013

Things I Love Thursday

It feels really good to get back into blogging again after having a few days break. I missed last weeks Things I Love Thursday because it was my birthday, and I was too busy relaxing in bed eating chocolate :)


It's probably getting too wet and cold to wear these shoes now, but I still love them. Maybe I could get them and put them away until the warmer weather?


I think these shoes are super cute!

Via Real Divas Are Large

Wow! This necklace/shoulder piece is AMAZING!

Via Casstasstrophe

Jesse sent me the link to this necklace yesterday and I knew that I had to include it!

Via Sweet & Lovely

I love this badge from Sweet and Lovely. Dwight is one of my favourite characters in The Office.


I wish they had this dress in my size!

Via Nippon Eki
I'm looking for a sleeve for my iPad mini so that it doesn't get dirty and scratched when it's in my bag, this elephant one is so cute! And it's pink!

Well, that's it for today :)

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