Wednesday, 6 February 2013

30 By 30

In just over 14 months, I will be turning 30. And, so I decided to make a list of things I want to achieve before that time. 

Now, I've done quite a lot of things in my life already that I'm really proud of. I've traveled a lot, I've lived in another country, I own my own home (even if it is currently for sale!), I've embraced body acceptance, and I've fallen in love. But, there is still a lot of things I haven't done. And I think I should get them crossed off!

Some of these things are purchases of things I've wanted for ages, some of them are life changing, and some of them are just because I want to do them. So, here goes

  • Marry my Prince - Fairly obvious one.
  • Buy our new house - We are in the process of making this happen right now!
  • Get a puppy - Once we get our new house, we will be getting a miniature Dachshund
  • Get my flamingo tattoos - These have been on my list for ages. I'm going to start saving to get them over the next 14 months
  • Take Jesse to London - Jesse has never been overseas. And he needs to meet my London family, and I want to show him all my favourite places.
  • Host a 3 course dinner party - I've never lived in a house with a dining room. Or a kitchen big enough to do this. 
  • Pay for someone else's meal - I've always wanted to pay for the car behind me at a drive through, or something, and I never have. I'm going to do this!
  • Start doing Yoga regularly - I am doing it so occasionally  and I so enjoy it. I want to start doing it every day.
  • See at least 5 bands live, that I haven't seen before - I'm so excited for this one. I have 2 coming up within the next two months. Two Gallants and Bruce Springsteen. 
  • Read 15 new books - I'm already underway with this one. I'm on my third new book.
  • Go on a Hot Air balloon ride - Always wanted to do this!
  • Go to a cake decorating class - Always wanted to do this too!
  • Start saving - self explanatory
  • Sew a simple skirt - I have always played around with sewing, but never really done anything serious. I want to learn to make a simple skirt.
  • Plan an awesome 30th part for me and Jesse - Jesse and I are born 6 days apart. So, I think it's only fair we have a rocking 30th birthday party. I'm going to make it happen. I haven't mentioned this to Jesse yet, but I'm sure he'll be cool with it.
  • Swim with the sharks at AQWA - Why not?
  • Drink water from a waterfall - My little bro suggested this. He said he did it, and it was amazing.
  • Sleep outside - I have never slept outside. 
  • Eat at Restaurant Amuse - This has been on my list for at least the past 5 years. Gotta make it happen. Maybe an anniversary dinner?
  • Own a pair of Litas - Always wanted a pair, going to buy a pair!
  • Feed a giraffe - You can do this at Perth Zoo now! I'm so excited!
  • Become a Zoo friend - Also wanted this for ages. The Zoo is one of my favourite places.
  • Ride on a motorbike - I used to want my bike license when I was younger. I don't anymore, but I still want to ride on one. Luckily one of Jesse's friends has said she will take me out on hers.
  • Go and eat pancakes somewhere at 2am - I've always wanted to do this too! I've eaten a fair few things at this time of the morning, but for some reason, never pancakes.
  • Make a creme brulee - I have the knowledge, and the tools, I've just never done it. Maybe I can make this the dessert course of my 3 course dinner party?
  • Use my slow cooker once a week for 2 months - I've got so many recipes I'm dying to try in my slow cooker. 
  • Upgrade my iPad to an iPad mini - I have an iPad 1. And it's pretty much obsolete now, and it keeps crashing. Time for an upgrade!
  • Create a budget and stick to it - I'm the queen of budgeting. I'm great at it actually. I"m terrible at sticking to it. Once the houses are settled, Jesse and I will be budgeters, and good ones!
  • Make a baked lemon tart - One of mine and Jesse's favourite things. Never made one. Going to make one.
  • Own a pair of pink cowboy boots - Always wanted a pair. Going to own a pair.

So, that's my list. I'll update it every now and again, and keep track of my progress.

Oh, and if anyone wants to gift me any of these things, I won't say no! haha :)


  1. Now following via the Tuesday Tango :) Looking forward to exploring your blog more! Com visit!

  2. Great list - I would move pink cowboy boots right to the top!

    Kate x

    1. hahaha! Thanks! I think I'll be asking for a lot of these things for Birthday and Christmas presents :) x

  3. I am Deaf, but did not lose all of my hearing until I was a little older, I saw Bruce back in very early 80s and he was excellent. I do not know many people your age who like him, so I think it is cool that you do.
    The River is and will always be my favorite of his albums.
    He lives in my state :-)

    1. Thank you! Yeah, my Dad had a very strong influence over our musical taste. I remember being the youngest person at a lot of shows. I've been going to shows with him since I was about 8. He isn't actually playing in the state I live in, so my sister and I are flying over East to see him! I can't wait! x

  4. Using your slow cooker is a great one...I use mine all the time and I have delicious meals all week!


    Jules of Canines & Couture

    1. Yes! I can't wait! And the thought of being able to stock my freezer with left overs for lunches and nights where we don't feel like cooking, is awesome. x