Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Life, Lately - CousCous

I've obsessed with couscous at the moment. I'm eating so much of it. It's so yummy, and easy to make taste delicious. So, I thought I would share my favourite, simple way of eating it. 


200g couscous
200ml water
1 chicken stock cube
1 Tbs olive oil
1 Lebanese cucumber, seeded and chopped
1/2 red onions, finely diced
1 capsicum, seeds removed, diced
1/4 cup of lemon olive oil
Haloumi or chicken (or both, I just use store bought chicken)


Place the couscous is a large bowl. Place the water, stock cube and olive oil in a saucepan on the stove. Bring to just boiling point, the pour over the couscous. Cover this and set aside for 10 minutes. 

While this is sitting, prepare your cucumber, onions and capsicum. And cook either your haloumi or chicken (or both). 

Once couscous is done, fluff with a fork, season with salt and pepper, and mix through your cucumber, onions and capsicum. Add your lemon olive oil, and mix to combine. Place haloumi or chicken (or both) on top, and serve!

This salad is great warm or cold, and it oh so tasty!

The first time I made it, I used chicken, but then I was really craving haloumi the other day, so I had it with that, and I think it was better. Then yesterday I was feeling like falafel and couscous, so we had some for lunch. And now I'm writing this I feel like it again.

I had a very wonderful weekend again. I worked, I saw Mulder, I sold my house, I washed my car, I visited my parents, and I spent lovely time with my prince (pizza and beer party!)

I wore my X-Files inspired tee to see Mulder play


Jesse and I spotted this cola last week, but we forgot to buy it. We tried it yesterday, and it's our new favourite

we found this chocolate bar as well. It's like Nutella covered puffed rice. 


  1. Great couscous recipe. It is one of my favourites so good to have a new dish to try out. Thanks.

    Kate x

  2. I love cous cous too!Have you tried millet as an alternative?it's quite similar but has a lot of healthy properties.It's delicious with roasted carrots (julienne cut) and sesame seeds.Love Coco

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    1. No, I haven't tried millet. Will have to give it a go. x