Thursday, 21 February 2013

Things I Love Thursday

I haven't really spent much time looking at things on the internet this week. I've been enjoying reading far too much :) But, I did find a few things to share

Via Amazon
 A 3D dinosaur cookie? Um, Yes please!

Via Ali Buttons Designs
 I love, love, love this galaxy skirt by Ali Buttons Designs. I will be buying one when I have some money come my way

 We all know about my monochrome obsession at the moment. These pants don't come in Curve, and I doubt I'd be able to squish my hips in to a size 18, but how I want them

 The same goes for these floral pants. Although, they look a bit looser fitting, so maybe I could get my hips in them? Come on ASOS, make these cool pants in Curve as well!!
Via Topshop
The pattern on these boots in just gorgeous! It's even on the heel as well! So pretty.

That's it for this week, short and sweet :)

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