Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Life Lately - The Zoo!

I managed to score some free tickets to the zoo, so off we went yesterday. It was a really enjoyable day, lots of laughs, lots of animals, and ice cream!

The rest of my weekend was fairly quite. Hung out with the bunnies, did some housework, and watched a lot of Mad Men!

Cold mornings = snugly jumpers!

Saturday night Mac & Cheese. Recipe here

This dude. He snuggles in the blanket with me, only so he can chew it.

And then follows me to the bathroom. And waits outside the door until I'm done.
And that's my world of late!


  1. Hi! I just want to tell you that I absolutely love your blog and the body-positive message you send out. I have always been fat and been learned to hate my body and cover up. For about a year ago i found my way into the world of fatshion and me life changed. First I was amazed how these girls whore whatever they wanted and thought that I would never get that far in my fat accaptance. Now for the first time i love my size 24 body, and much thanks to people like you. You'll never know how important your work with this blog is and to spread the word to love the skin your in.
    Greetings from a sister fatshionista in Sweden!